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About Us

Natural New Zealand Honey LTD are producers of premium single sourced Manuka, Rata, Clover, Kamihi and Honey Dew from Kaikoura to the West Coast, North Canterbury and it's foothills, farmers and landowners play an integral part in our beekeeping as hosts to our hives. The bees and farmers live alongside each other, happily bartering a variety of food sources and shelter for pollination processes that put nutrients back into the soil and return profits back to farms where Manuka thrives.


“OUR MISSION is to create new boundaries in performance and environmental standards, providing a growth-orientated, meaningful employment for our people while expanding profitably, and sustainably, with utmost respect and consideration for our bees and the colonies of Aoteroa.”


“OUR VISION is to expand hives numbers to sustain our objectives of developing and marketing our own branded, boutique, beekeeping products for an export market. Locally, we will promote cooperation amongst competing beekeepers of the region and earn notoriety as the company at the forefront of improved bee genetic innovation.”



  • Quality standards- to produce high integrity products and promote best practices including responsible beekeeping.

  • Innovation- to learn continuously how to improve production and management by encouraging change, creativity, and invention.

  • Staff- to treat our people for what they are- our most valuable assets- by offering them meaningful employment through continuous upskilling, support and internal promotion.

  • Accountability and transparency to all stakeholders within the organisation including business partners, landowners, staff and our community.

  • Social Responsibility- to support activities that improve the quality of life in our communities.

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