Queen Breeding

Over the past four years, with a focus on the future of beekeeping, we’ve developed a Queen Breeding programme. The aim of the breeding unit, led by two international experts in this field, is to monitor habits and patterns within hives that align with good health, disease resistance and productivity and to encourage these traits by genetic selection and breeding of queens from within these performing hives.

Each of our queens is tested. Those proven to be of high quality are selected and made available to you for purchase.


To enquire, please email laura@naturalnzhoney.co.nz

Track & Trace

Over time, we’ve developed a software system similar to those used by other agriculturalists to provide consumers with a pinpointed location of the origin of a product. In our case, not only can we accompany a pot of honey with a picture of the exact site in which the bees produced it, we can also use this program to monitor and manage disease and parasites currently threatening the industry. Using this and our queen breeding programme we hope to make a positive difference to the impact of disease on beekeeping in New Zealand.